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How to Potty Train a Puppy

Saturday, October 18th, 2014

Ideally, you may not understand the need of potty training your puppy poops and pees in your house. It is therefore very important for you to potty train your puppy by teaching a proper routine on how to behave and not just eliminating anywhere. This will enable them learn the right and wrong. Herein therefore are some of the tips on how to potty train a puppy without scaring, punishing or even damaging them.

Before setting out on anything, it is very crucial for you to understand that your puppy has the smallest bladders and therefore will call for uncontrolled pooping and peeing more often. It is therefore very important for you to get prepared at any time for the unexpected pee or poo. Similarly, regulate their feeding time. This therefore will help you determine when your puppy wants to eliminate. By so doing, pay attention to how your puppy urinates so that you will anticipate the times they are ready to do so.

You are required to choose an appropriate place to serve as your pup’s bathroom. Preferably choose and outdoor place in case you live in a sparsely populated area otherwise if in a densely populated area, then they can use your own bath. Teach them the correct spot to pee. Pick them and deliver in the appropriate place to do the business even when they are at the mid of the task. When doing this however, be careful not to scare them away as this may cause clogging of the valves.

Furthermore, consider taking your puppy out for a walk more often. This aids in increasing the chances of them going to the bathroom to have a pee. Sometimes you may find that your puppy pees and poo at a random place. Potty training pads are available in most of the pet stores. When you teach your puppy to pee and poo in the bathroom, the smell of the urine from the bath will make your puppy associated with bathroom area. Moreover, you can encourage your puppy for peeing in the right place by use of cheery and lavish sounds. This will make your dog have an emotional incentive of doing their business in the correct place.

It is very important for you to stay focused while you train your dog. Give them a frequent visit to the toilet or bathroom area. Some of the breeds are better trained when they are six months old. Having confidence as you train your puppy is very important for you to achieve success.