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Here Is How To Train Your Dog

Saturday, October 18th, 2014

Training your dog is a very good idea unless you are the type of person who likes to clean up after them whenever they make a mess. There are a number of books and videos on how to train your dog available in the marketplace and online. The key to training a dog is to keep the training simple, do not rush and be patient.

One of the first things of dog training lessons to do is to sit when commanded to do so. This usually does not take a lot of time, but it is important to take the breed of dog into consideration. Some dogs have excitable personalities and find it hard to focus on learning. A treat or approval will help to reinforce the command.

Say the word, “Sit.” In a firm voice and push down on the dog’s hind end. This may take a few tries. When the dog does so, reward with a treat or praise. Make it seem like fun and the dog will respond. After a short period of time allow the dog to relax and stand or run about.

Telling the dog to come to you is often the first one learned. Both of these may need to be reinforced in situations where the dog is apt to become excited or distracted. The use of a short leash is needed to make sure the dog stays nearby.

How to train your dog to perform tricks is another topic that owners want to find information to use. Training your dog the basics and developing a loving firm relationship that is trusting is very important to start with. After the trust is gained, the simple obedience commands and manners can be learned. The fancy tricks will come after this.

Some breeds of dogs are more susceptible to training than other breeds. Often a mixed breed dog will have more sense and smarts then a full breed pedigreed, prize winning dog. Owners will often learn as much or more than the dog will during the course of training.

If you are new to owning or working with a dog, it is a great idea for both you and your dog to take a class on how to train your dog. These are offered at many pet stores and even county humane societies. Trust, love and patience will be the keystones of working with your dog to learn simple commands and to work together.

Dogs are somewhat like children, they require a lot of attention and discipline. How to train your dog the best way is to use a healthy dose of common sense along with easy to learn commands. Reward often, using praises as the best method. When correcting, do not overdo. With many dogs, there is a strict order within the pack and this includes you. If they can run roughshod over you, they will. Teach them early that you are the leader and this will go a great deal in how to teach your dog manners and tricks easily.

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